One Day in Montreal: singer-songwriter Tamara Grace

The singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Montreal

After making waves in the Canadian music scene with a series of successful singles from 2018 to 2021, Montreal-born singer Tamara Grace recently unveiled her first track of 2022 which, despite only being her fourth official release, sounds like the work of an industry veteran. 

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter’s newest track, “Autumn Tears” tells the true tale of a toxic relationship, the difficult discovery of truth, and the courage required to break the cycle. The self-written and self-composed ballad showcases Grace’s signature bold and vulnerable storytelling through heart-wrenching vocals that make it impossible not to feel what the singer is feeling. 

With her newest release well on its way to commercial success, we decided it would be a great time to catch up with the multi-talented singer to chat about her favourite food and drink spots in her hometown of Montreal.


Allô Mon Coco is my absolute favourite place to go to when I’m in need of a heavy breakfast platter! We have so many here in Québec, but the one in the West Island definitely has my heart! My music meetings, family get-togethers and friendly dates would usually take place there. It has such a cool and lively environment!

I adore the “Lac Saint-Jean”! Two sunny side eggs, baked beans, and a blueberry pancake! What more can you ask for? It always comes with two slices of bacon and creton (a cold meat spread), but I’d hand those to my younger brother.



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Poulet Rouge is one of my favourite places to eat, hands down! I adore their vegetarian bowl. What I would usually do with it is get some brown rice and have it soak in some lime-coriander dressing. Get some avocado spread on the side and top it off with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, black beans, jalapeños, and bell peppers.

I love to go there when I’m in need of something "not too light, not too heavy". And seriously…there’s nothing I love more than a bowl of delicious rice and vegetables. It may sound boring, but it’s heavenly I can assure you.


La Belle Province is such a classic! I used to live across the street from a mall, cinema and À La Belle Province growing up, back in the West Island (which is barely 5 minutes away from Allô Mon Coco!). I remember all my friendly hangouts in high school would take place in that resto and our family would stop by after we were done watching a film at the cinema next door. 

I visited it recently, and it’s so cool to see that the same people working there when I was a kid are still there. And it’s even sweeter to know that they remember me! I have such nostalgia any time I’d step foot in that place! But seriously though, if ever you’re looking for a "homey" place to eat some mouthwatering poutine, La Belle Province is definitely a go-to.


Such great memories of this place! I remember one cool night at the McKibbin’s Irish Pub on Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. A couple of pals and I each ordered a pint of beer and nachos (AKA the greatest duo on the planet), and we sat there and watched random people go on the mini stage and sing karaoke while they’d get plastered.

By the end of the night, the entire pub chanted along to whatever classic was blasting on the speakers. I absolutely adore this pub! Any time I’d stop by, I would get myself a pint of stout with a bowl of their delightful Irish nachos on the side! *chef’s kiss*

Watch: Tamara Grace - Autumn Tears (Official Audio)