One Day in Montreal: singer-songwriter Pierre Kwenders

The talented Montreal-based singer and DJ shares his favourite haunts in his home base

While his songs may come in many different dialects, there’s no denying that the kind of music Montreal-based singer and DJ Pierre Kwenders creates transcends the limits of language.  

After dropping his latest full-length album this past April, Kwenders has once again received widespread acclaim for his ability to write emotionally relatable songs that speak to listeners and his affinity for mixing music that makes them move.

We recently had a chance to catch up with the talented Montreal-based musician, to find out some of the local food and drink spots that make him move.



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I rarely do breakfast, but I do brunch sometimes. Arthurs is indeed the spot for a good Sunday brunch with family and friends. Menu is full of choices and you can’t get enough of it. My favourite is Le Speciale Shah!



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Late lunch at Larry’s. Definitely one my favourite spots in town. I like to go there for their menu made of different tapas (oysters, mushrooms. etc.) My favourite plate is the spaghetti with fish and tomato sauce. Its a sort of bolognese, but not really but really tasty and I just love it.



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DJ Poulet, on a late night, in house vibe, lets stream and chill. One of the best BBQ chicken in town is at Dj Poulet. They have a cute counter in the Outremont neighbourhood but I usually deliver. Whenever I’m having one of the meals from there I imagine that it’s been cooked by my favourite Aunty. She just happened to know my favourite dish. Anything from her kitchen.


R.I.P. Ti-Agrikol, a cute resto-bar in the gay village run by Win Butler and Regine Chassagne from Arcade Fire. It used to be my spot for drinks and vibes. Afro-Caribbean vibes with its core in Haïti. You would be sipping a glass of Ti-Punch while enjoying some good Konpa or Coupé Décalé on a Friday night. Unfortunately, this beautiful place did not survive this pandemic, but our memories are the most beautiful. Nowadays, The Atwater Cocktail Club is where you find best cocktails in town!

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