One Day in Montreal: singer-songwriter AKAWUI

The singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Montreal

Photo by David Julia
Photo by David Julia

As a lifelong music-lover who grew up busking with his father’s band on the streets of Montreal and Vancouver, Quebec-based artist AKAWUI has spent a lifetime breaking down musical barriers to offer listeners a new sound that is as unique as it is authentic. 

Merging the tribal sounds of his Chilean and Mapuche Indegenous background with a contemporary mixture of EDM and hip-hop, AKAWUI’s music remains grounded in the folklore tradition that inspires it, yet still manages to produce an electrical punch of percussion and relatable lyricism.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the Montreal-based musician, who took some time to run us through his favourite food and drink spots in his hometown. 


Allo Mon Coco. It has a great variety of breakfast options and generous portions. Fun fact, when my son's mother started having contractions early one morning, we still went there for breakfast, that’s how great it is. Brings out good memories!



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Kahwa Cafe on Mont-Royal street. It has the best sandwiches and great coffee. They make their own bread and the mix of Arabic seasoning in their meat with their sauces are delicious.


The Brazilian restaurant Acajou Br. Their food is simply delicious. Their meat preparation, their feijoada – you can tell and taste that it was made with love, just like your mother would cook.



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The Darling. It makes you feel like you’re traveling back in time due to its decoration. Outstanding, the drinks are great and affordable.

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