One Day in Los Angeles: singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly

The singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Los Angeles

Photo by Nathaniël Siri
Photo by Nathaniël Siri

Following the international success of her award-winning 2019 EP, a brief pandemic-related pause, and a sprinkling of singles in 2021, Canadian-born L.A.-based singer Jadea Kelly recently made her long-awaited return to recording and is now just one day away from unveiling her first new full-length studio album since 2016. 

Officially set to release on March 4, Roses was primarily written and recorded in Toronto, and was co-produced by a collection of acclaimed artists, including Aaron Goldstein, Joel Schwartz, Rich Jacques, and Joe Moralez. The initial singles “Driveway”, “Any Old Boat”, “Happy” and ‘When I Fly’ have accumulated more than 2 million streams, while her latest two singles “Stupid Goddamn Face” and “Temporary Farewell” are each well on their way toward similar success. 

“I ended up tracking a majority of the album in Toronto with my Canadian friends and bandmates, in person and virtually. It felt full circle to record in Canada after four exploratory years in the U.S.,” Kelly explains. “I love California with all my heart. It is my new found home and has provided a playground to rediscover my confidence, my freedom, my voice and a collection of songs that truly reflects my journey to health”.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the talented singer-songwriter, who filled us in on a few of the food and drink spots she’s grown most fond of since moving to L.A.


I just moved to Highland Park (East LA) and am a big fan of Highland Cafe. Fantastic coffee, outdoor patio and surrounded by local shops, music venues and record stores. My preferred breakfast of choice is a freshly squeezed orange or carrot juice, an oat milk cortado and the sourdough avocado toast.

The avocado toast is topped with cherry tomatoes, hemp seed, pickled radish and olive oil. Highland Park is an amazing neighborhood, filmed to the brim with artistic millennials and gorgeous rolling hill scenery. It reminds me of a tiny German town, with a tram/transport running through the outskirts. 


My songwriter pal, Chelsey Coy of Single Girl Married Girl, introduced me to this spot. [Best Fish Taco in Ensenada] serves baja-style fish tacos and are perhaps the best fish taco restaurant in L.A.

I usually order the shrimp taco, avocado salsa and potato taco. Mouth-watering toppings. There is nothing fancy about Best Fish, but they win in flavour. 


Pagliacci's Taverna serves (in my opinion) some of the most delicious and authentic Italian food in L.A. I lived down the street from this restaurant and it became my pandemic refuge. The wait staff greet me by name when I enter and stand on guard for any of my tinder, bumble, hinge date fails.

I always order one of three dishes: Cacio e Pepe, Penne all'Arrabbiata or the Margherita Pizza. Delicious wine menu as well. Beautiful ambience. During the pandemic they transformed their parking lot into an outdoor dining area, providing my roommate and I with a sense of pandemic normalcy.



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Mister O’s. I love this cocktail bar and restaurant. They transformed their parking lot into a public dining space during the pandemic. My friends and I would go here regularly. I even celebrated my COVID birthday here.

I usually order the Mister Old Fashioned, Juniper Rose (rose water, lime, grenadine, gin and Apple Jack) and the Paloma Salvaje (tequila, agave, grapefruit and lime). They also serve delicious mocktails!

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