New hospitality resource Syzl launches in Ontario

A new platform that provides chefs with short-term professional kitchen space

A new online platform that pairs chefs and food entrepreneurs with short-term commercial kitchen space launched last week in the GTA. Described by its founders as an Airbnb for kitchens, Syzl aims to bridge the gap between culinary professionals looking for space to work and kitchen operators with unused facilities. 

The platform, which has been backed by Restaurants Canada, currently has upwards of 35 kitchens and 400 foodmakers from a variety of food businesses signed on and ready for booking. Certified and licensed kitchen owners simply list their space on the Syzl app along with availability, equipment lists, and booking rates, while workers can search for their optimal space by location, availability, and equipment availability. 


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“With the rise of gig economy services and ghost kitchens, we saw a gap in short-term kitchen booking for food industry professionals that hinders local innovation,” said Syzl co-founder and CEO Azrah Manji-Savin. “Finding an on-demand or short term professional, certified kitchen is a complicated process for chefs or food entrepreneurs, while for kitchen operators, closed hours, delays and empty stations are lost opportunities for revenue. We have partnered with kitchens and food makers to close that gap”

More information about Syzl and its booking process can be found online.