One Day in Calgary: singer Kyle McKearney

The rising Alberta-based musician shares his favourite places to dine in Calgary

Alberta-based Métis musician Kyle McKearney has been making a mark on the Canadian roots music world for some time now. Following an immersive stretch soaking up classic country culture in Nashville, the B.C.-born artist settled near Calgary where he began honing his skills as a songwriter and performer. 

Shortly thereafter, McKearney formed the alt-pop band The New Electric–which evolved into the band KROWNS–with his brother Shade. During that time, McKearney received a Canadian Radio Music Award nomination, toured with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, and joined the cast of Queen’s musical theatre show We Will Rock You

Last year, McKearney began launching a series of cover song videos that have garnered more than 600,000 views on Facebook alone, and more recently, the multi-talented musician began writing and recording a slew of singles for his upcoming album with a new signature sound that combines country, bluegrass, and classic Americana.

We recently had a chance to chat with McKearney, who filled us in on the food and drink venues he’s grown most fond of since setting up shop in the Calgary area.


You wonderful better half, Sarah, works for a company that used to go to Cora once a week and I always enjoyed the times when I could tag along.

The Brok’in Yolk Creekside is also one of my personal favs. I would highly recommend it to friends looking for chicken and waffles or a classic Farmer’s Breakfast. Coffee at Phil and Sebastian is always a win as well.


I’ve had so many lunches at Joey and Cactus Club. I don’t even know if I love them but that’s where I’ve ended up making deals and spending tons of quality time with friends and colleagues.



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I used to love a restaurant called Gypsy Bistro-Wine Bar. It's been gone for a while but I still think about it when I pass by 9th Street.

Beat Niq was also cool as they had jazz bands playing and a select menu that was always solid. I also love getting food at National and bowling and having a night out. Super good times.



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I love drinks!! I usually would hit Morgan’s when it was still a thing but tended towards the Tap and Vine in Airdrie as it was close to home.

The Trop is always a fun time and has live music but my fav is definitely Boston Pizza every time. I love playing pool and eating pizza and bandera bread. I think it's a childhood nostalgia thing.

Watch Kyle McKearney perform "Keepin' It Simple" live at Calgary's Ill-Fated Kustoms