One day in Toronto: CTV's The Launch winner Michelle Treacy

The Launch's final chosen musician of Season 2 takes us through her favourite spots to eat and drink in Toronto

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After a veritable rollercoaster ride of awe-inspiring performances, crazy collaborations, and unforgettable personalities, the second season of CTV’s The Launch has finally reached its conclusion. Although endings are always somewhat sad, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for all the winners.

This week’s winner, Michelle Treacy has always been driven by a need to create music that empowers. Between her sometimes tumultuous life experiences and her often quirky delivery, the single “Emotional” felt like it was written specifically for her. Renowned mentors Bebe Rexha, Marie-Mai, and Nile Rodgers all seemed to instantly connect with the young pop singer. Michelle quickly applied the mentors’ tips and from her first audition seemed destined to be the last launch of Season 2.

Although Michelle grew up in Ottawa, her time spent there was largely focused on writing and performing. While Treacy still commits a large portion of her time to the aforementioned, she has recently become acquainted with the Toronto food scene and today she’s going to let us in on some of her favourite discoveries.

Favourite Canadian eats


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Poutine. Just simple, straight poutine. I feel like it’s boring to say that but what else is there? BeaverTails? Maple syrup? Canadian bacon? 

My dad used to make a really good roast but I don’t really eat meat that much anymore. In my mom’s hometown of New Brunswick, there’s a place called Dixie Lee that we all go to. It’s a fried chicken place and it’s so good. We also have an Irish dinner; bacon and cabbage, which is weird, but it’s still good. I actually visit Ireland every so often.



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My favourite lunch place is a spot in Toronto called CJ Lunch Box. It’s a sushi place and I’ve had it literally every day this week. I like the sushi rolls; they’re always fresh.



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I love Via Mercanti. It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s just bomb. All of it is just bomb. They have mozzarella balls that are really good. I also get the pizza, but I don’t get Hawaiian there. I don’t think they even have one. I also get the Capricciosa, I’m not sure how to explain it though. You’ll just have to go.



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My favourite place to go out is the Orbit Room in Toronto. They have awesome live music too. They get these huge artists in and people who have toured the world--Lady Gaga’s guitar player came once--and they just jam. It’s really great. I think my favourite drink to get is probably Guinness.