Toronto hospitality community rallies to support one of their own

Community support pours in for Toronto server after an appalling act of cruelness

Photo via Ivy Knight's Instagram feed.

We recently caught wind of a story in Ontario thanks to a recent post by food journalist Ivy Knight about a well known Toronto hospitality community member who was assaulted and intentionally given COVID-19 on her way home from work in March of 2020. 

Since that dreadful day, Tracey Thompson has developed several long COVID symptoms, including neurological impairments and cardiac issues that have left her unable to work and thus, unable to pay for any ongoing treatments. 

Despite the disappointing and disheartening actions of one person having such a tremendously tumultuous impact on the Parkdale server and bartender’s life, the response from the community at large has thankfully begun to make an even greater impact. 

After setting up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of beneficial treatments that do not fall under healthcare coverage, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neurological therapies, and medication, fellow hospitality workers, restaurant patrons, and concerned Canadians across the country have rallied to help Thompson surpass the halfway mark toward her goal of raising $40,000. 

Thompson’s full story along with ways to contribute to her cause can be found here. Ivy Knight has also asked those who wish to help but cannot contribute monetarily to reach out via Instagram to send Thompson a message of support.