Toronto’s Avling Kitchen and Brewery announces New Year’s Eve service

A farm-to-table feast from chef Eva Chin

Toronto’s Avling Kitchen and Brewery recently announced how it plans to ring in the New Year, and if you’ve been looking for interesting dinner options for December 31, look no further. 

Chef Eva Chin and her culinary team have participated in several cool collaborations throughout the past year, but due either to conceptual or time-related constraints, many delicious dishes wound up not being served. So, to celebrate all that they achieved in 2022, Avling will be offering a greatest hits menu on New Year’s Eve featuring the best of the dishes that didn't make the cut. 



The menu hasn’t been released in full, but we’ve been told to expect two separate four-course services, with dishes such as the Pot-au-pho (a fusion of beef stew and Vietnamese pho) and chef Chin’s creative take on a sticky toffee pudding, along with an option to include drink pairings. 

More information about the dinner will likely be revealed on Avling’s What’s On page in the very near future.