Toronto’s Sap Restaurant unveils its 2022 sugar shack menu

Maple syrup season gets off to a sweet start in Ontario

With winter weather finally receding and warmer days becoming more and more common in Canada, Ontario is now entering peak maple syrup season and to celebrate, Toronto’s Sap Restaurant unveiled a new limited-time sugar shack menu that will be available to diners from today until the end of the month. 

Sap’s sugar shack menu features a multitude of maple-centric creations, including items like the Sappy Sriracha Cauliflower, the Duck and Waffles, and the Maple Bacon Patty Melt, along with a selection of maple-infused libations like the Maple Old Fashioned and the Maple Oat Latte. 


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Head to Sap's website for reservations, takeout orders, and to check out the sugar shack menu in its entirety.