Priority Table becoming preferred method of restaurant reservations

The Calgary-based tech company finds more inexpensive and user-friendly solution for online reservations

We talk a lot about homegrown ingredients and talents when it comes to food in Canada. Now, we can add tech to the list. Calgary-based Priority Table, a restaurant seating reservations system, is making its way into many of the country’s top restaurants, like Kelowna’s Krafty Kitchen and Bar, Calgary’s Anju and Canmore’s Murrieta’s.

“But there’s already Open Table,” you say.

Similar in idea, Priority Table goes beyond existing systems with a more streamlined user-experience for both administrators and customers, and at a lower cost to restaurants.

Tech-wise, the web-based system can be installed remotely without the need for additional hardware. Cost-wise, there is no setup fee for restaurants. Data that customers give remains with the restaurant, and is not shared or owned by a third party.

The benefits aren’t just for restaurateurs and restaurant managers. The system is seamlessly integrated into the restaurant’s webpage, so customers aren’t sent to another website to make the booking. The reservation widget can also be installed into the restaurant’s Facebook page, making it even easier for fans to secure a reservation. Preferences and notes about the customers can also be kept in the system, so restaurants are able to keep better track of all those things for a better dining experience.

It's a win-win for restaurants and customers.