The 2024 Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list has arrived

Canada's top restaurants according to a panel of gourmands

Photos of dishes from Maenam, Bar Kismet and River Cafe via Instagram.

In what is always a polarizing announcement for restaurateurs across the country (i.e. exciting for some and disappointing for others), Canada's 100 Best Restaurants has just released its 2024 list of the country's top eateries from coast to coast.

Aside from a a handful of newer restaurants and movers-and-shakers, there are few surprises in the list's Top 50 placements that sees Mon Lapin taking the number one spot for a second year in a row. Acclaimed eateries like Toronto's Alo (No. 3), Langdon Hall (No. 5), Published on Main in Vancouver (No. 7), and Halifax's Bar Kismet (No. 9) all find themelves happily in the coveted Top 10.

The highest-ranking eatery hailing from the Canadian Prairies is Calgary's River Cafe at No. 23 while Winnipeg's highest rated spot is deer + almond in the 39th position, a record high for the Manitoba capital.

In addition to announcing the Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list for 2024, it also unveiled a 2024 list of 10 Best New Restaurants that was heavily weighted to Eastern Canada, but did see Victoria's buzzworthy Marilena take the top spot.

To see the both the 2024 Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list and the 2024 Canada's 10 Best New Restaurants list, head to the publication's website.