6 Canadian cream liqueurs to sip on this winter

Here are some the best cream liqueurs made in Canada

Invented in 1971, the iconic Irish cream Baileys spent nearly two decades being the only major cream liqueur on the international market until Amarula (cream, sugar, African marula fruit) popped up in 1989. Cadbury's Cream (cream, sugar, brandy) followed several years later, continuing to prove that it wasn't just cream whisky that could find success in the boozy, bottled product world.

For as long as this category of liquor has been around, Canadian-made cream liqueurs have only really been in production for the past ten years.

With 2023 just around the bend and the holiday season in full effect, trust us when we say that there is a whole wide world beyond Baileys...and we want you to discover it.

Here are six of our favourite Canadian cream liqueur products. Happy spiking!

Strathcona Spirits - Velvet Cream

Edmonton's premier distillery has long been known for making unique spirits, but nothing lands more lovely on your palate over the holidays than Strathcona Spirits' Velvet Cream.

Made with a base of rum and Prairie rye, this uber-smooth cream liqueur is infused with vanilla pods, red willow and birch bark. It's delicious sipped as-is at room temperature, but can add dimension and pleasant aromatics to plenty of hot drinks.

Try spiking: London Fog, brewed coffee, chamomile tea.

Cabot Trail - Maple Cream Liqueur

At only 15% ABV, Cabot Trail Maple Cream Liqueur is less boozy than cream whisky, making it a great option for people who don't like to overindulge over the holidays. What it lacks in liquor percentage, it makes up for with a pleasant warming overall flavour thanks to maple syrup (real, of course!) and subtle additions of cocoa, cinnamon and amaretto.

Try spiking: Americano, whipped cream.

Forty Creek - Nanaimo Bar Cream

Alright, this one is a little bit gimmicky, but most Canadians do love to reach for a Nanaimo Bar at this time of year. May as well enjoy it in liquid form too, right?

Forty Creek's Nanaimo Bar Cream is a playful variation on the cream whisky theme and sees the added flavours of chocolate, graham cracker, coconut and vanilla to attain a Nanaimo Bar-like profile. The famous Canadian whisky maker has been making its standard cream whisky for a decade if you want to keep things classic.

Try spiking: Hot chocolate, steamed milk.

Dairy Distillery - Vodkow Cream Liquor

Photo via Dairy Distillery's Facebook page.

Lactose intolerant? Well, this is the cream liqueur for you!

Dairy Distillery made waves fives years ago for launching the world's first spirit made from distilled dairy and the unorthodox producer has found plenty of success since.

The Vodkow Cream Liquor is a somewhat newer product for the distillery and is made with lactose-free cream, sugar and vodka, which leads to a fairly neutral flavour profile meaning it can play well with virtually any hot drink you might want to spike.

Try spiking: Berry tea, chai latte, Espresso Martini.

Bootleg Spirits - Honeycomb Cream

Packing a hefty punch at 20% ABV, B.C.'s Bootleg Spirits appears to have the booziest cream liqueur in the country with its Honeycomb Cream as well as the only one made with honey as its sweetener. Like most distilleries in the province, this product is made entirely with ingredients grown or produced in B.C. too.

Try spiking: Orange pekoe tea, pancake or waffle mix.

Wayne Gretzky Estates - Canadian Cream Whisky

This Canadian Cream Whisky produced by Wayne Gretzky Estates is what we would consider to be the premier cream whisky. Its cask whisky is blended with Ontario cream and then sweetened with sugar and the result is perfectly satisfying on the rocks or added to a cup of coffee.

There have been salted caramel and maple flavour variations for a couple of years now, but if you ask us, the original reigns supreme!

Try spiking: Buttercream icing, latte.