8 foods that pair perfectly with cider

Not only is it good on its own, cider goes well with many sweet or savoury dishes.  

Lonetree cider food pairings

If you're a cider lover, or just looking to take a break from hoppy brews, you'd probably agree that a crisp, bubbly cider can really hit the spot as a thirst-quenching and crushable drink. But, did you know that it pairs well with food and that it can be a great drink with dinner as well? Here are eight foods that you probably didn't think to pair with cider. 

Apple pie

With the plethora of beautifully crisp apples found in the Okanagan, as well as other parts of Canada, like Ontario and Nova Scotia, it's no wonder that apple pie is a Canadian favourite. A Canadian-made cider like Lonetree (that uses only B.C. apples in its brewing process) is a nice complement to pie that's buttery and flaky on the outside, and sweet and cinnamon-y on the inside.

Cinnamon sugar doughnuts

Much like in apple pie, the cinnamon and nutmeg in doughnuts work well with cider. And with any fried foods, a cold bubbly drink helps to wash it down.


If you think it's too early to have a drink before noon, then you're clearly forgetting about how enjoyable mimosas and Caesars are with brunch. Instead of sparkling wine, use cider in your mimosa for a less boozy drink. 

Squash soup

We know that squash and apples are the prominent flavours of autumn and winter, so a cider would be perfect with a comforting soup like this. 

Blue cheese (or any dish where blue cheese is a prominent ingredient)

Much like on a cheese plate, blue cheese is best balanced out with a little fruit compote or a slice of pear or apple. If you're enjoying a blue cheese risotto or pasta that's got a bit of a tangy and nutty bite, taking a sip of cider will help bring all of those big, bold flavours together.

Turkey dinner

Find the recipe for this beautiful spiced roast turkey by Bal Arneson in our recipe database!

You already have slices of perfectly roasted turkey, a good dollop of cranberry sauce, and a slice of pumpkin pie. Now, all you need is a big glass of cider at the holiday dinner table.


Chef Lora Kirk's gingerbread-inspired cake could use some cider by its side.

In addition to cinnamon and nutmeg, ginger is another spice that apples love. So, not only can you reach for a dark stout to go with gingerbread, but you can go a bit lighter with cider. 

Creamy pasta dishes

To wipe your palate and cut through the richness of creamy pasta dishes like carbonara and Alfredo, pair them with a tart and sparkling cider.