9 delicious pancake recipes, from the traditional to the unusual

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to pancakes. 

International pancake day

Who doesn't love pancakes for breakfast? The only problem is that we have so little time in the morning to make them. The solution: pancakes for dinner!

Here are nine (very) different pancake recipes to check out from some of our favourite food folks in the country! Happy flipping!

Grandma's pancakes

For the pancake purist, here's a recipe for picture-perfect, classic, fluffy pancakes, straight from the vault of Mallory Frayn's family recipes. 

Cinnamon bun pancakes

It's about time cinnamon buns and pancakes hooked up to create this magnificent child. Julie Van Rosendaal recommends skipping that syrup and going for a cream cheese frosting over these cinnamon bun pancakes.


Sweet and savoury sausage pancakes

Why have pancakes with a side of sausage when you can just combine the two to create savoury-sweet magic? Dan Clapson has the perfect recipe for sausage pancakes that is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Pumpkin spice pancakes

These delicious pumpkin spice pancakes from Eat North contributor, Isabelle Boucher, are the essence of fall and winter. It'll keep your craving for pumpkin spice satisfied long after that latte disappears from the menu of that coffee shop.

Red lentil breakfast pancakes

You've probably had lentils in soups and stews, but what about pancakes? It's definitely an unorthodox way to use this healthy Saskatchewan crop, but don't knock it 'til you try it. 

Buttermilk flax pancakes with maple apples and pecans

Sometimes, we need more than just a knob of butter and a drizzle of syrup over our pancakes to hit the spot. Go all out with this recipe, which is jam-packed with goodness like flax seeds, apples and nuts. We had to dig deep into Renee Kohlman's vault for these guys, but they are well worth the seeking out.

Pancakes with blueberry honey sauce

Instead of putting blueberries in the pancake batter, put them in the sauce instead, like Mairlyn Smith has done in this recipe. The sauce is simple and natural, with just honey, blueberries, orange juice and zest. 

Snickerdoodle pancakes

Is it a pancake or a cookie? Who cares? We just know that you can't go wrong with these light, sweet and cinnamony bites from Karlynn Johnston, The Kitchen Magpie.

Green onion cakes

Not your typical pancake, but totally timely for Chinese New Years. 

Halifax chef and one of this year's Canadian Culinary Championships competing chefs, Renée Lavallée, shares a classic recipe for this popular Asian savoury street food dish.