Chefs Ryan Stone and Brian Skinner join Earls Chef Collective

More award-winning chefs join Earls

If you think Earls is just about salads, sandwiches and pasta, then you’d be delighted to know that innovative cuisine with more local ingredients is closer to you than you realize.

Since launching its Chef Collective initiative last year, Earls has been cooking up even better dishes with the help of some of the best chefs in North America. How, Earls can add Ryan Stone and Brian Skinner to the list.

The starting lineup that included Dawn Doucette, David Wong, Hamid Salimian, Jeff McInnis, Tina Fineza and beverage director Cameron Bogue has been hard at work, extracting ideas from their respective backgrounds and areas of expertise, elevating each others ideas to bring the best of their collaboration to Earls’ guests.

Now, Bocuse d'Or competitor Ryan Stone and Gold Medal Plates winner Brian Skinner are getting in on the action, working with the popular restaurant chain to inspire new dishes and recipes.

Chef Ryan Stone comes to Earls with experiences in fine dining, hotels, and esteemed culinary competitions.  He has cooked at some of the world’s best restaurants, including Vancouver’’s Pear Tree Restaurant, and staged with Alain Ducasse and L'Atelier by Joël Robuchon.

"One of the great things about developing recipes for Earls is the amount of scratch cooking that happens at every location,” says Stone.  We get to create recipes using real, natural ingredients, like the ones I would use in my home kitchen. Dishes that we develop go through rigorous testing to ensure that the same standard is met at each location as when I first made the dish at the Test Kitchen."

A treat to vegetarians everywhere, Brian Skinner’s innovate cuisine a la Vancouver’s Acorn is going to be making its way onto Earls menus.

“For a restaurant of this size to be focusing on vegetable-driven dishes really proves that they are in tune with what customers are looking for; [this] will be an exciting year for Earls’ diners,” says Skinner.