More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 20

Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman discuss food health misconceptions and convoluted diet plans

Image for More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 20

The arrival of the new year often brings with it new goals and aspirations, but are the methods people take to achieve them actually advantageous? Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman tell us why self-imposed dietary restrictions can, in fact, be the least healthy course of action.

Waverman explains that eating what you want, when you want it, can be the best option for both your physical and mental health. But is there a happy medium? The Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger are meant to be veggie burgers made for carnivores. Nevertheless, Phil and Emma are still weary about seeking out healthy options at a fast food joint. 

From intuitive eating to whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow is, in fact, wrong about everything, Wilson and Waverman traverse the wellness spectrum and discuss the dos and dont's of dieting. Outside of the studio, Dan Clapson sits down with registered dietitian and food writer, Vincci Tsui to talk about why mindful eating is the "new" diet and how the newly revised Canada's food guide might affect our eating habits this year.

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