One Day in Bowmanville: country artist Kris Barclay

The country artist's favourite food and drink spots in Bowmanville, Ontario

After a stellar start to his musical career that saw him open for some of the biggest names in Canadian country music along with a debut single that has now garnered more than 1.5 million streams, Ontario-based singer-songwriter Kris Barclay is quickly becoming one of Canada’s rising country stars. 

His newest single, “More Than Whisky” combines Barclay’s signature lyric-driven storytelling with a quintessential country sound to tell a captivating tale about finding love and the many obstacles that pop up along the way. 

When he’s not creating classic country tracks or raising funds for his local veterans and first responders, there’s a good chance you’re likely to find Barclay checking out the food and beverage scene in his current home base of Bowmanville, Ontario. 

We recently caught up with the talented Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase Winner, who filled us in on a few of his go-to destinations. 


If you’re from Ajax, you know about the best breakfast place ever, Angelique’s Family Restaurant. It’s a staple in my hometown, the food is always amazing and it’s a quiet little spot tucked away in the corner of town.

It’s the spot to be, often with a lineup on the weekends if you don’t get there early enough, but worth the wait. One of Ajax’s hidden treasures!


Since moving from Ajax to Bowmanville, and with family and friends that live in Newcastle, we love to go to The Old Newcastle House, especially with their patio (I’m a huge patio hopper) in the summers for lunch.

Their menu is great and their small town feel makes for a great environment.


Bowmanville has such a great little downtown area with lots of little shops and restaurants. If you’re feeling like being fancy and getting all dressed up, Chanterelle Bistro is the spot!

The food is outstanding and you really get a classy feel with the fine dining that they have to offer. This is a really well kept secret in Bowmanville that I think shouldn’t be a secret, definitely go check it out.


Back to Newcastle (right beside Bowmanville), you can tuck yourself into Walsh’s Snug for an Irish themed night of drinks, friends, and live entertainment. This place has such a great vibe, with really upbeat and friendly staff, including the owner John, who will probably pop by your table himself to make sure you’re enjoying your night.

There is always live music happening and you feel like you walk through the doors and step right into Ireland! Don’t miss out on Walsh’s Snug!

Watch: Kris Barclay - More Than Whiskey (Audio)