One Day in Winnipeg: musician Kris Ulrich

A notable Canadian singer on where to eat in Winnipeg

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With acts like William Prince, Bros. Landreth, Begonia and Kris Ulrich, it's safe to say that Winnipeg's music community is pretty damn epic.

Aside from being a captivating performer in and of himself, Ulrich is the great example of the city's love of collaboration. The multi-faceted talent is involved in projects by acts like Boy Golden, Field Guide, Roman Clarke, FONTINE, and plenty more.

His latest string of releases started in October 2022 with "Friends on the Internet" followed by January's "Big in the USA" and now the just-in-time-for-spring single "1994".

The musician says that he became inspired to pen this new tune after spending time with his family watching out family videos from the mid 90s.

“Watching these videos with my parents at about the same age they were in the videos really made me think about how they were feeling at that time in their lives," explained Ulrich. "What did they feel like watching it now? Writing 1994 felt really cathartic and it kind of poured out of me. I wanted the song to feel like a warm embrace, like you were being enveloped by it.”

Much like us, Kris Ulrich knows that Winnipeg's food scene is just as dynamic as its music scene. From a classic diner breakfast to catching a live show at the Prairies' only true honky-tonk bar, here's where he loves to eat and drink in Canada's most central city.


Winnipeg has an abundance of really great breakfast spots and quite a few great diners so [it's hard to pick], but I’m going to have to go with the Red Top on St. Mary’s.

It’s a Winnipeg classic with red booths, a massive menu, and retro decor. This place is a super close walk for me and the classic breakfast really just hits the spot. Eggs, bacon, rye toast and hashbrowns

 Don’t get me wrong, I love a trendy breakfast with fancy coffee and stylish eggs, but 90 per cent of the time I just want a diner breakfast like this, and if you get up early enough (which I rarely do), the special is a great price. 


My go-to lunch spot is definitely BMC Market in South Osborne.

The tacos are really simple, tasty and affordable. As you can see I am always chasing down cheap and good food. My usual order is 9 tacos and a Jarrito, but the current lunch record is Field Guide with a staggering 12 tacos and a Corona which I have a timelapse video of.

The staff there are super nice and they have a little grocery section where you can buy hot sauces, tortillas as well as some hand-made goods. 



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I love Thai food and Winnipeg has some amazing spots. I truly think we have the best in Canada. (DM me on Instagram if you think I am wrong!) Choosing is almost impossible because I order from different spots depending on the dish but if I have to choose one, I am going with Vanxai on St. Mary’s because I love their Massaman Curry.

It’s a really unassuming place that looks like a family home on the outside with a modest and cozy atmosphere. The staff there are so kind and I always leave feeling full and satiated. 


If I am going out for drinks, it’s usually because there’s a band I want to see, so I’m going to go with the Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club.

here is so much to love about this place, the robes hanging on the wall anyone can wear, the staff, the tributes to past regulars, the handwritten signs and the sheer amount of shows they put on. The owner, John Scoles, is an avid supporter of local music and has built a community of incredible staff, patrons and artists who frequent this bar. 

The past few summers they have had an outdoor bar in the lot next to it called Blue Note where they have live music almost every night of the week. My usual order there would have been a Standard Lager, but since it’s been out of production, I’m going with a Pacifico or a Tequila Soda. 

Watch: Kris Ulrich - 1994 (Official Music Video)