One day in Kelowna: Chef Chris Shaften

Chris Shaften's recommendations on where to eat in Kelowna, besides Krafty.

Chris Shaften Kelowna

You'll likely remember Chris Shaften as the rambunctious contestant from season three of Top Chef Canada.

Last summer, Shaften opened up Krafty Kitchen and Bar in downtown Kelowna, a contemporary restaurant that makes the most of Canadian ingredients and some of the best cocktails in the Okanagan. Since then, it has garnered a lot of attention and is a refreshing addition to a dining scene that, during travel peak season, can cater to more conventional tastes.

We told him he couldn't just list his restaurant as the only place where to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks--he argues that he is there 85 per cent of the time, since it's a new eatery, which we definitely considered before still telling him no. So, here are some of his favourite spots to check out the next time you find yourself in this balmy and quaint mid-mountain city.


Coffee in the making at Bean Scene. photo courtesy of

Well, Krafty, on a Sunday morning for hip hop brunch is just about the best thing ever. I am usually always cooking, but If I had a morning off and it isn’t a Sunday, I will head down to the Bean Scene, get an amazing cappuccino, open up a book and have any one of its healthy and delicious offerings.


Chickpea fries from Salted Brick in Kelowna.

If I was in the mood for sushi--which is always--I would head down the highway to Mabui. Mabui has a ton of super creative Japanese dishes and, of course (when in season), fresh uni! 

I also love Salted Brick for a casual sandwich or a little charcuterie. It's the kind of the place where I can take myself on a date.



Tonight's dinner feature Wagyu top sirloin #supportlocal #waterfrontwines #fresh #dinnerfeature #wagyusteak

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In the summer, nothing is better than getting out to one of the Okanagan's many wineries and enjoying the view and some great food. Some of them can be tourist traps, but Mission Hill and Summerhill Pyramid Winery both do a great job. My sous chef (Jonas Stadtländer) recently left me to take on the executive chef position up at Summerhill, so that, coupled with its amazing brut, puts them at the top of my list for summer dining.

The rest of the year, I stop in everywhere to keep my finger on the pulse. By far, Waterfront Wines offers the best quality dining experience in Kelowna, from the quality of the ingredients to the thoughtful techniques, presentation, service and drink menu. I love it!


Kelowna has been through a bit of a restaurant boom over the past year or so, so a few places more focused on making great cocktails have emerged, and I like drinking in all of these new spots. Micro is where I drink my Negroni, Bacaro for my whisky and 27 for my sours.