One Day in Montreal: singer Mint Simon

The singer's favourite spots in Montreal

Photo by Mathieu Samson.

After a series of creative collaborations and two acclaimed albums in as many years with Montreal-based alternative pop trio Caveboy, singer Mint Simon recently branched out and began working on their debut solo project.

With their first two singles already garnering plenty of praise throughout the industry, Mint Simon’s new music is a journey of self discovery and expression that uses nostalgic pop culture references to explore topics of love, missed opportunities, desire, and sexual liberation.

Despite having a hectic schedule with more music in the works, the talented singer recently took some time to share a few of their favourite places to eat and drink in their hometown of Montreal.



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I’m a sucker for my neighbourhood brunch spot, Le Vieux Vélo. Tons of vegetarian/vegan options, super cute vintage/retro decor vibe and everyone is always really nice.

The coffee spot next door, Odessa, is also fantastic and I’m obsessed with their cold brew (just ask them).


El Chalateco is my favourite for pupasas in the city. Their plantains are unreal. It’s super unassuming when you walk by, which is kind of what I love about it. There are a number of Salvadorian spots in the area but this one for me is the best.



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Okay, so whether you’re vegan or not, the food at Sushi Momo is unreal. It’s hands down my favourite sushi spot in Montreal (actually, let’s just say my favourite restaurant in the city). If you think vegan sushi sounds boring, get the chef's special and let them take you on a food journey - you won’t be disappointed.


I’m going to give you two options, for different reasons. I’ve had so many amazing nights at Santa Barbara with friends, their cocktails are incredible. The marguerites are a specialty if you want a place to start! They also import tons of different alcohols and always have an interesting new cocktail to try (spicy Mezcal heaven).

NDQ is the neighbourhood queer bar. I have to acknowledge this space and the cuties that go there. They have a little bowling alley at the back of the bar, and it’s a great place to flirt. 

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