One day in Montreal: Top Chef Canada competitor Jean-Philippe (JP) Miron

Chef JP Miron's picks for the best eats and drinks in Montreal

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When it comes to dining in Canada, Montreal is the place to visit. With plenty of charm and outstanding restaurants, the city is home to many talented chefs who make the dining scene happen. One of those chefs is Jean-Philippe Miron.

Currently the chef de cuisine at Bocata Restaurant--and working on new projects with the Barroco Group, which owns the Atwater Cocktail Club, Barroco and Foiegwa--JP has worked in some of Montreal's top restaurants, like La Société and Martin Picard's world famous Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon.

With a strong drive to win, JP competed in ICI Radio-Canada's Les Chefs! in 2011. Now, he is looking for a win on Top Chef Canada, and also wants to open his own restaurant. To see his skills in action, tune into Top Chef Canada on Food Network Canada starting Sunday, April 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Check out the intel we got from JP about where to eat and drink in Montreal.



Arthurs serves simple takes on classics with bold flavours. It's a must if you’re in Montreal.



I don't really eat lunch, but if I do, I stop at L’Express to grab a croque monsieur and some bone marrow.




Hanger steak. King oysters. Green peppercorn demi. Fried shallots.

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Garde Manger! Everything is great about that restaurant: food, service, atmosphere.




Spontaneous Inventions

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Atwater Cocktail Club - hands down the best cocktails in the city!