One day in Montreal: Stitched! competitor Veronika Sparkles Radolovich

Stitched! competitor Veronika Sparkles Radolovich on her favourite eats and drinks in Montreal

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Photos courtesy of Slice.

Being based in Montreal, dancer and fashion designer, Veronika "Sparkles" Radolovich has no shortage of amazing restaurants and bars to spend time in when she's not busy behind her sowing machine or rehearsing for her next performance. Radolovich's designs are bright and eclectic, just like the artist herself.

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You can watch the passionate and creative Montreal dancer and designer competing on Stitched! on Sunday, October 14 at 7 p.m. (ET) on Slice. The new fashion competition series pits four North American designers against one-another in three rounds of challenges in each episode, with one designer being eliminated in each round. The winning designer from each episode will compete for the chance to win $10,000. Our Prairie Grid Dinner Series: From Dawn to Dusk collaborator, Caitlin Power will also be lending her expertise to Stitched! this Sunday as a guest judge.

Here are Radolovich's favourite places to eat and drink in the vibrant French-Canadian mecca that is Montreal.



En espérant que vous avez passé une très belle Action de Grâce   : merci @jcfancy pour la photo!

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Bistro Le Passé Composé's brunch menu is thrilling for the taste buds and eyes. It's difficult to pick between the rich savoury and sweet flavours. Whether you have the duck confit benedict or their French toast, you won't be disappointed.


Punjab Palace is the best Indian food I've had outside of India. Anyone I've taken there asks me to take them back and I do, gladly, time and time again. I go for the samosas, tikka salmon, curries and rosewater gulab jamun.


Garde Manger, located in the old port, is an all time favourite of mine. I always feel like I'm coming home. The staff's knowledge in spirits and food leads to stories, good times, and memories. Its homemade bread accompanied with the jerk crab is something on a whole other level.


Atwater Cocktail Club is a mixologist's dream bar. You'll find all the flavours here, plus some tucked away in a velvety layer. The drinks are orchestrated with intent and built into beautiful sculptural arrangements. I like a well-balanced tequila cocktail, and they have a few on the menu.