One day in Vancouver: fashion designer and Stitched! winner Adam-Lin Bungag

Stitched! winner, Adam-Lin Bungag, runs us through his favourite places to dine in Vancouver

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Designer Adam-Lin Bungag calls Vancouver home and has dedicated his life to the world of fashion. With his fashion line, Not Dead Yet, Bungag creates edgy ready-to-wear looks that catch everyone's eyes. His newest line made its debut at New York Fashion Week followed by Vancouver Fashion Week, where he received plenty of praise and has been marked as "one to watch" by fashion industry experts.

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And watch, people did, indeed, last week on Stitched!, when the young designer competed against other talents from across North America in a series of high-stress design challenges. In the end, Bungag was named victorious and the happy winner of the big $10,000 cash prize (and plenty of grabbing rights too, of course). New episodes of Stitched! air every Sunday on Slice, but you can catch a reruns of Adam's Winnipeg episode in the near future on the same channel.

From a 24-hour diner on Main Street to drinks at one of Gastown's cocktail hot spots, here are places around Vancouver the recent Stitched! champion can be found happily enjoying a bite to eat and a drink or two.


Lucy’s Diner is my go-to! It is the only place in Vancouver that I know of that's open 24 hours and serving breakfast at any hour!



And so it begins... #sushi #asianfoodparadise #asianeating #vancouver

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Bay Sushi Cafe Express is a really good place to go to when you're on the go, but still want a nice plate of sushi.


Peaceful Restaurant. Need I say more? This place has some of the best beef rolls you can get in the city and not to mention the ginormous servings here. You can’t go wrong!


I don’t go out much, but when I do, I like to pretend I live a very expensive life. Ha, ha, ha. The Diamond has great drinks, but also reminds me to stay humble after I get the bill!