One Day in Nashville: singer Callie McCullough

An award-winning folk singer on where to eat in Nashville

With a distinctive blend of modern lyricism and classic musical composition, Callie McCullough just might be one of the most unique artists in the country music universe. Summing her sound up in two complementary genres doesn't quite do the notable Canadian-born singer justice, though, as much of her original music intertwines elements of celtic and bluegrass as well.

McCullough’s debut album After Midnight came out in 2020 and garnered her a CCMA Award nomination for Alternative Country Album of the Year. Three CMAO Award nominations followed—for Roots Artist of the Year, Rising Star of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year, further reinforcing that the singer's individualistic sound leaves lasting impressions on industry professionals and music lovers alike.

Now teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Dave Brainard, Callie McCullough continues to impress with new songs like "All That I Want" and her latest single "Great Big Sky" (hit the play button above to listen). Her musical style is truly one which bucks all music industry norms and weaves together all things old and new...and the end result is quite magical.

Though the Ontario-born artist frequently performs in Canada, she has long called Nashville home. With a vibrant personality and penchant for socializing, it should come as no surprise that McCullough is well-versed in the Nashville food scene.

From a truly iconic diner to a circus-themed cocktail bar, McCullough's suggestions on where to eat and drink in Nashville, not unlike her songs, are well worth paying attention to.


Noshville is either one of the few Jewish delis or the only Jewish deli in Nashville. Every single breakfast comes with a fresh bagel, so what's not to love?

The deliciousness of their house-made cream cheese combined with the likelihood that Vince Gill is nearby your table, sipping a coffee at the bar makes this the ultimate spot for breakfast in Nashville. (It also happens to be a stone's throw from my house!)


I don't know what you want in life, but it should be eating at the Phat Bites restaurant for lunch!

This spot is located in the Donelson neighbourhood, which over by the airport, and it's perfect for a Sunday afternoon hang with a buddy. The vibe here can only be described as a cool combination of redneck-shack and New Orleans.

Their house-smoked corned beef makes for a Reuben sandwich that is to die for! Speaking of, you'll almost always find two old boys playing bluegrass murder ballads on stage in the afternoon while you sip on a Mimosa or a Baileys-spiked coffee. Their house-made pickles, which come with everything, are unbelievable too.

I've got to give an honourable mention to Bakersfield on 3rd Avenue. It's a cool Tex-Mex spot with the best queso in the city.


Brown's Diner is home to the most iconic cheeseburger in the city, but the spot itself is equally iconic as it's a converted trolley car...and nearly 100 years old. Founded in 1927. legends like John Prine and Townes Van Sandt used to hang out and write songs here. Its charm is that it has no interest in keeping up with the times.

If you want to eat an incredible burger, some fries (and maybe some chili too), and to get served by staff that is grumpy in that classic-movie way, this is your spot. You'll always hear live, original music from from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. too.

Starting August 7, 2024, I've got a monthly residency show at Brown's Diner. It's the first Wednesday of every month, so be sure to come and see us if you're in town!


You're asking me if I want to put on an over-the-top outfit last minute and fly out the door to go be fabulous? The answer is yes and Tiger Bar is my new favourite place to do it!

It's a speakeasy-style spot that's located in East Nashville. It's got a circus theme (more or less) and its bartenders excel at making old-school cocktails with cool twists. My current go-to is Beneath the Cards, which is a gin-based cocktail with chartreuse and a pear lemon dill foam. Naturally, it comes complete with a tarot card garnish.

I also need to shout out Green House Bar. It's a fun cocktail lounge that is so close to my home, it's basically in my backyard. I mean, what's not to love?

Watch: Callie McCullough - What If I Don't (Official Music Video)