One Day in Toronto: indie folk-pop artist Joe McLeod

The singer-songwriter's favorite food and drink spots in Toronto

After emerging onto the Canadian music scene in 2019 with a debut single that quickly garnered almost 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, Ontario-based artist Joe McLeod recently took a major artistic leap forward with the release of his debut full-length album, Cloud Berries In Alaska.

The album, which was written in the months following his father’s passing, packs an emotional punch that tackles issues of loss, hope, and survival, while still retaining the grace, humour, and optimism the multi-instrumentalist has become known for. 

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the talented up-and-coming musician, who took some time to share a few of his favourite food and drink spots in his current home base of Toronto. 



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 I am not a huge breakfast person, I usually stick to coffee and something small. Therefore my favorite place in the city that ticks these boxes is a small shop in the distillery district called ARVO.

They have the best coffee in the city in my opinion, and have really great options for toast with honey and jams. It is a simple and extremely satisfying way to start the day!


For lunch, I have to go with a classic Toronto staple... Fran's! I am a sucker for old school diner vibes and Fran's has always had me hooked from a young age.

Fran's is actually one of the first places I remember going when I was in high school and just starting to do solo trips into the city from my hometown (Keswick). Plus they have a really good club sandwich and that is probably my favorite thing to eat for lunch. 


It is tough to pick one spot in Toronto for dinner, but lately my favorite spot has been Hemingway's which is in Yorkville. The energy there is always lively and since it is a New-Zealand style pub, the food is unique and super tasty. They also have a ton of craft beer which is a bonus! Their lamb burger makes me weak in the knees. 



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My favorite drink place is an ever-changing and evolving reflection of my mood. For the last bit of time my favorite place to get drinks has been a spot called The Reservoir Lounge! First and foremost, this spot is in a basement and has old timey speak-easy vibes; that alone makes it cool in my books.

They have a great menu of cocktails and wine plus they have live jazz music, five days a week. For me, the deal drink spot will always have some sort of live music! I also might be biased because I have a few friends that play music there, so it becomes the perfect excuse to drop by for a drink. 

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