Singer Teigen Gayse taste tests Canadian pickles with Dan Clapson

See how these 3 Ontario-made pickle products stack up

Country singer Teigen Gayse talks dill pickles, music, and more!

Food trends come and go, but pickles are forever. Whether you agree with that statement or not, it's the undeniable mindset of cookbook author Dan Clapson and celebrated Canadian country singer Teigen Gayse.

Hot off the heels of Gayse's marquee gig co-hosting the CMA Ontario Awards with Jason McCoy, the two met up in Toronto for a pickle-centric interview. What followed was an impromtu pickle taste test and chat about the singer's summer tour dates and the upcoming music video for her most recent single "Better Mistake".

While there are many, many, many brands of pickles to try in Canada, the pickle-loving duo taste tested the following Ontario-based pickle brands: Matt and Steve's Spicy Baby Dills, Chicago 58 Dill Pickles, and Pickled Canadian Full Sour Dill Pickles.

Which one do you think was their favourite?


Watch Teigen Gayse and Dan Clapson taste test three brands of Canadian pickles


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