ICYMI: Addressing the stigma around MSG, restaurant policies for unvaccinated guests and more

Five stories you might have missed in food news this week

This week, we've seen the food and hospitality industry continue to reopen across the country as Eastern provinces like Quebec continue to relax pandemic-related restrictions.Many new concepts are opening across the country, while pre-existing restaurants work to rebuild, though the old and new are collectively navigating an uncertain future.

This weekend, culinary industry professionals and food lovers alike celebrated Food Day Canada while remembering its founder, Anita Stewart, and the legacy she left.

Here are five notable food news stories that you might have missed over the past week.

Calgary's historic Plaza Theatre will reopen

New tenants have stepped up to lease the historic independent movie theatre in Kensington. After being closed for more than a year, they plan to reopen it as a theatre, event venue and bar. The new concept will include a permanent food truck with rotating chefs to offer a dinner-and-a-movie experience as well as an all-day cafe and patio outside.

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Quebec relaxes some restaurant restrictions

Bar owners have been pleading with the government to rethink COVID-19 regulations with Montreal Pride coming up in August. Some restrictions have been relaxed, including moving last call for drinks to 1 a.m., but others remain in effect including mandatory masks, no dancing, and reduced capacity.

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Chefs pushing back against the stigma of MSG

MSG is a food additive surrounded by anti-Asian stigma and negative connotations, but some culinary voices are defending it as a valuable ingredient when used correctly. From fried chicken to margaritas, many chefs are reinventing the use of MSG to enhance the flavours of their dishes.

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A Toronto restaurant asks unvaccinated people to sit outside

Oakwood Hardware Food and Drink in Toronto has gotten some attention recently for requiring unvaccinated patrons sit outdoors. With limited indoor capacity, the restaurant is hoping to protect the well-being of their staff and guests and avoid another lockdown.

This type of policy is not uncommon across North America as restaurants are continually keeping their staff's safety front of mind.

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Anita Stewart remembered on Food Day Canada

Anita Stewart, the founder of Food Day Canada, passed away last November due to cancer. The culinary icon was beloved by chefs across the country and left behind a legacy of advocating for Canada's culinary industry

Food Day Canada fell on July 31 this year and celebrates the Canadian food scene annually, from local producers and farmers to home cooks and restaurateurs.

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