More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 38

Edmonton food writer Phil Wilson is joined by two guest co-hosts for our latest podcast episode

The first segment of our latest episode of More Than Maple Syrup sees regular co-host Phil Wilson chatting with special guest co-host Fiona Odlum of CBC Saskatoon and Eat North's Dan Clapson about the what-ifs of post-pandemic dining. Will drive-in experiences make a resurgence? Odlum throws back to 30-plus years ago when A&W offered a kind of in-car dining that even included a mini fork for your fries.

From there, the three discuss whether or not the pandemic has helped them improved their skills as home cooks and why choosing good quality canned tomatoes over out-of-season fresh ones is always the way to go.

Wilson leads the chat about Top Chef Canada as he shares his thoughts on last night's episode and who he thinks will be on the finale in a few weeks. Odlum and Clapson bring up their love of drag performers while insisting that the two drag queens who appeared on the fifth episode of Top Chef Canada season eight were sorrowfully underutilized. Also, where was head judge Mark McEwan during last night's episode? Odlum speculates that he was lost in the castle playing a Murdoch Mystery escape room, but who's to know?

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