ICYMI: USMCA effects on Canadian farmers, the shocking food cost in Nunavut, IKEA's veggie hot dog and more

These six news stories will bring you up to date with Canadian food news

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This week's food news was full of changes in the Canadian food industry. It started with the announcement of the new USMCA agreement (replacing NAFTA) that will greatly impact Canadian dairy farmers, causing mixed reactions. A definite change will soon undergo on Canadian IKEA's bistro menus with the arrival of the company's popular plant-based hot dog. The prices of food in Nunavut should change as well. Currently, grocery shopping takes up most of the consumers' budget in this area.

Here are the details on what you may have missed in food news across Canada this week.

The new USMCA agreement caused mixed reactions among Canadian farm groups

The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, formerly known as NAFTA, caused mixed reactions among Canadian farmers. The U.S. government announced the agreement on Sunday and it increases American access to 3.59 per cent of the dairy market.

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Recall issued on Sobeys brand packaged vegetables

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled several Sobeys brand packaged vegetable products due to possible listeria contamination. The agency recalled products with Oct. 7 as the best before date in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Check your fridge or pantry and stay safe!

Review the detailed list of the recalled products in this article by CBC News.

The shocking cost of food in Nunavut

Grocery shopping in Nunavut might be a bit of a shock for someone who's used to shopping in southern parts of Canada. A loaf of garlic bread for $7.00 and a whole chicken for over $20.00 are only few of many food prices that might take your breath away. The added cost for transportation is not the only reason for increased prices.

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Maple Leaf Foods acquired VIAU Foods for $215 million

Maple Leaf Foods purchased VIAU Foods, a Canadian manufacturer of Italian meat products, for $215 million. Maple Leaf Foods announced the agreement on Tuesday along with the plans to expand in the Canadian food market.

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IKEA's veggie hot dog is now available in Canada

IKEA's popular plant-based hot dog is now available on the store's bistro menus in Canada as well. The vegetarian sausage costs 75 cents and is made with kale, red lentils, carrots, ginger, quinoa and other ingredients. IKEA proudly claims that the vegetarian food item noticeably decreases the company's carbon footprint.

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New FTC Safe Food For Canadians training courses

Food Technology Consulting started to offer new training courses this month, which are supposed to prepare processors for the upcoming Safe Food For Canadians regulations. The regulations will come into effect in January 2019 and will impact the entire food and beverage industry.

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