One day in Canada: Artist and fashion designer Lennard Taylor

Take a tour across Canada with a fashion designer, Lennard Taylor, and find out what are his favourite places to dine in Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg

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Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lennard Taylor learned the craft of fashion design from industry professionals like Bob Silver and Michael Silver of Silver Jeans before working on international projects for Freed & Freed International, one of the oldest Canadian garment manufacturers.

Today, Taylor focuses primarily on fashion-forward women's clothing at Lennard Taylor boutique (which he co-owns with his sister) in Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District, and is a regular part of fashion shows like PARK Show. PARK Show 2018  will take place on June 23, 2018 at George C. King Bridge, Calgary and will feature some of the best design pieces by this artist, as well as other Canadian designers, including WRKDEPT and Vancouver designer - Alex Yu .

Though he is successful in his pursuit in fashion, he once wanted to become a chef. He remains inspired by the simple beauties from the food world, such as swirls created by a drop of cream in a black cup of coffee.

When he is not in his studio, Taylor enjoys variety of cuisines and restaurants across Canada. 

Breakfast and brunch

Winnipeg's Clementine in the historic Exchange District. The atmosphere and culinary experience is truly sensational; my mouth is salivating talking about it. I would definitely recommend the Turkish eggs.


I like Vancouver's Miku restaurant. If you've ever had the pleasure of eating here, then consider yourself lucky; because this place rocks, big time. Have anything on the menu and you'll be blown away.


Winnipeg's Forth cocktail and bar. It's cozy, comfortable, and they have excellent cocktails without the pretentious bullshit you find at good cocktail bars.