8 Sweet Easter Treats with Mini Eggs

In case you have any mini eggs left, here are a few ideas on more treat you can make with them.

To many, the best part about Easter is the Cadbury Mini Eggs. As tempting as it is to scarf them down by the handful, they are delicious stirred into many of your favourite dessert recipes. If you can refrain from eating the entire package at once, here are some alternative uses for this Easter favourite!

Photo of mini eggs by William Warby on Flickr.

Cookies or blondies

Easter-ify your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe by replacing the chocolate chips with mini eggs. Or, load everyone’s favourite bar-form cookies, blondies, up with the colourful chocolate nuggets. Recipe here.


Hot cross buns

Typically filled with dried fruit and (occasionally) nuts, hot cross buns are an Easter staple. Kick things up a notch by adding another Easter must-have, mini eggs, into the dough. Chocolate + bread = fool-proof treat. Recipe here.



Coconut macaroon nests

Mini eggs are perfect for themed desserts like tiny coconut macaroon nests. (Eggs, nests, go figure). Heck, you could even make cup-shaped cookies, brownies or rice krispie treats in a mini muffin pan and fill them with mini eggs! Recipe here.



Cheesecake is already rich and decadent so why not take things over the top by stirring in crushed mini eggs? Not only does it create a beautiful, marbled colour, the candy shells of the Mini eggs add a crunch that contrasts the silky smoothness of the cream cheese filling. Recipe here.

Chocolate bark

Given that mini eggs are made of chocolate, it seems sensible to us to add them to more chocolate. To make Easter chocolate bark, melt white chocolate and spread it on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle mini eggs over the top, let it harden and voila, you’ve got yourself quite the sugar rush. Recipe here.

Trail mix

Obviously, everyone’s favourite part of trail mix is the bits of chocolate, leaving all of the boring nuts and dried fruit behind. Instead of Smarties or M&M’s, go big and commit to the chocolate with mini eggs. Recipe here.


The fastest, most sensible way to consume mini eggs is to drink them. Cookies and cream milkshakes ain’t got nothing on milkshakes with mini eggs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even make your own mini egg ice cream to use in said  milkshakes. Try getting that idea out of your head. Recipe here.