Check it Out: Buttermere Patisserie’s gemstone chocolate Easter eggs

The Vancouver patisserie announces the return of its larger than life Easter eggs 

Although it may feel like the spring season only just got underway, Easter is less than a month away and if you’re looking to add a stunning dash of style and sophistication to your annual celebration, look no further than Vancouver’s award-winning Buttermere Patisserie

In response to popular demand, Buttermere owner and pastry chef Jamie Tung recently revealed that the patisserie’s wildly popular seven-inch-tall Gemstone Easter Eggs will be making a comeback in 2022. 

Each of the five egg-shaped chocolate shells are filled with assorted in-house crafted dragées and are uniquely coloured based on the type of chocolate used for the shell; Turquoise (zephyr caramel chocolate), pure amethyst (fleur de Cao 71 per cent dark chocolate), green sphene (Alunga 41 per cent milk chocolate), yellow topaz (ivoire 35 per cent white chocolate), and ruby quartz (strawberry chocolate). 

Buttermere Patisserie’s Easter egg treats are priced at $58 per piece and can be pre-ordered online.