7 Spots for Easter brunch in Montreal

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Easter is coming up this weekend and the best thing about the holiday (aside from the chocolates and Easter egg hunts of course) is brunch. With spring on its way, there’s no better way to celebrate than to enjoy a glorious midday meal with friends and family. Whether you prefer to go sweet or savoury with your brunch choices, here are seven eggs-ellent spots to check out around Montreal, pun 100 per cent intended.

Maison Boulud



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If fancy brunch is what you’re all about, Maison Boulud is, hands down, your best bet. Chef Riccardo Bertolino is offering a three-course menu that includes an appetizer, choice of entrée, and of course, dessert. Given that it is Easter after all, asparagus, rabbit, leg of lamb, and chocolate eggs are all on the best-hits list (in separate courses, naturally). It’s an ode to spring all around!

Bota Bota

A spa is not necessarily where you’d expect to have Easter brunch, but that’s the kicker. It’s not just any brunch, but rather, a Bath and Brunch package. On April 16 and 17, you can enjoy the water circuit, brunch, and a complementary mimosa at Bota Bota. The food menu includes the likes of savoury clafoutis with mushrooms and crepes with fruit and cream cheese. They’re all perfectly light offerings to complement a day at the spa.




H4C is always a solid bet for brunch, but especially when holidays roll around. This Easter, for only $35, you can get three courses of delicious spring offerings. And if you want to get a little tipsy, it’s only $60 with wine pairings included. H4C’s wine list is pure gold, so it’s an offer you should probably take them up on. Just don’t plan on going on an Easter egg hunt after, you may not be the sharpest at searching for anything other than a comfy couch to nap on.

Petite Maison



Petite Maison up on Parc in the Mile End is known for its well-executed brunch service, and for Easter, it’s put together a special menu to get excited about. Start with offerings like beet tartare with buckwheat crackers and move onto braised ham and cavatelli carbonara. Just make sure you save room for dessert, a dark chocolate cake with fruit (because that makes eating chocolate for breakfast a completely justifiable choice, right?).

Café Melbourne



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As of recent months, Café Melbourne has come into its own as one of the hippest brunch spots in town. Thanks to whimsical dishes from Ozwald Felix, it’s standing out as the place to be when it comes to grabbing brunch on St. Laurent. Whether you go for a Lucky Charms latte or red velvet hotcakes (or both), it’s guaranteed to be the most fun you’ve had eating brunch in a long time.


Ever since the Hotel Herman team took over this microbrewery on Duluth, the food has been on a constant upswing. As an added bonus, Reservoir recently started offering brunch on weekends. If you’d rather start your day with a beer than a mimosa, Reservoir is where you should be this Easter brunch.




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Challah! Arthurs is the place to be for your Passover brunch. Even if you don’t celebrate the Jewish holiday, how can you say no to menu options like latke with poached eggs and smoked salmon, or shakshouka with house merguez and labneh? Grab some rainbow sprinkle cookies on your way out, and save it for later.