There's a Montreal patisserie for every relationship status

Which pastry shop are you going to this Valentine's Day?

Choux à la crème from Patrice.
Choux à la crème from Patrice.

Typical Valentine’s Day food guide might tell you where to find the best chocolates, or how to make the best homemade dinner for two. Well, forget that. There’s a line to tread between gag-inducing cheesiness and total cynicism when it comes to February 14th. Not to mention, if you love someone, it’s probably better to show them that year round, rather than on a single day. In that spirit, this Valentine’s-inspired list that can be consulted any other day of the year. After all, any good relationship, with yourself or otherwise, can be improved with the addition of pastries.

Eternally single



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Treat yourself this Valentine’s (or should we say, Singles’ Appreciation) day! Whether you’re celebrating you, or drowning your sorrows, either way, chocolate is a solid antidote. Thankfully, Noir offers little else. From chocolate drip cakes and double chocolate cookies, to a variety of truffles, bars, and caramels; one thing is certain: sometimes a relationship with chocolate trumps all else.

Dating but nothing serious



If your relationship isn’t that serious, then you need to find yourself some sweet treats that don’t take themselves too seriously either. For fun and whimsical pastry offerings, check out Pâtisserie Rhubarbe. The modern world of dating necessitates some modern pastries that are bound to cheer you up, especially if your date no-shows.

Friends with benefits



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With this relationship status, you may want to be careful that the outing isn’t too formal, lest it be perceived as a “date”. Play it safe and grab a donut or a pastry at Crémy, a casual spot to satisfy that sugar fix, beyond other fixes.




For a pastry shop as sparkly as that diamond on your ring finger, try Maison Christian Faure. It’s Old Port location is as romantic as it gets, nestled amongst historical facades and cobblestone streets. Pull out all the stops and combine it with a spa day at Bota Bota or staycation at Hotel William Gray, both of which are only a stone’s throw away. And hey, you can justify it all as a “research mission” to scout out the perfect wedding cake.

Newly wed

In need of some pastries for the honeymoon phase? Head to Au Kouign-Amann for their namesake treat: a caramelized layered Breton pastry. It’s a tried and true Montreal classic, and frankly, the dessert equivalent of what a great relationship can become. Ever-supportive, and oh-so satisfying, with the perfect amount of sweetness. Who knew flour, butter, and sugar can be that aspirational?

Married or in a long-term relationship


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Composed and elegant desserts, finessed after years and years of intense training are the perfect metaphor to complement a relationship that has stood the test of time. Patrice Patissier offers just that; and better yet, the cutest husband and wife team, Patrice and Marie-Josée, run the business together. #relationshipgoals all around.


It's complicated

Uncomplicate your love life with a trip to Boulangerie Cheskie. Should you be on the fence about staying or leaving, a dose of their chocolate babka will help clear your mind, or at least distract you from the confusion. If you’re more fond of their babka than you are of your babe, maybe it’s time for a reset.


In an open relationship

Pastry crawl it is! Try any or all of the places on this list with the lovers you feel they are bested suited towards. Kudos to you if you do it as a group!