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Gabriel is a business, marketing, and corporate innovation expert by day, and a food writer/lover by night. He has lived all over North America, has travelled extensively in Asia, North America and Europe and constantly dreams of extended trips to Singapore where every food whim can be indulged. His perfect vacation is anywhere he can fly to, eat great food, and watch an F1 race at the same time. His favourite meats are duck leg, foie, and lamb rack, and favourite vegetables are grilled asparagus and on-choy in fermented beancurd sauce. Gabriel is currently a freelance writer and photographer for multiple on-line and print publications around the country. His articles focuses on food culture, events, industry life, unique foods, cooking techniques, and how food influences and affects the people and world around them. He has also served on judging panels for various food and cocktail competitions, and chef charity events including the annual Avenue magazine Best Restaurants judging panel for Calgary.

Image for A mile in their kitchen clogs: Lessons from an outsider working at a culinary competition

A mile in their kitchen clogs: Lessons from an outsider working at Gold Medal Plates

Four life lessons from a food fanatic helping out at the Canadian culinary competition

Nov 3, 2016

Image for Catching up: A reunion of top Canadian culinary talent

Catching up: A reunion of top Canadian culinary talent

Some of the best chefs in the country reunite at The Nash

May 16, 2016

Memories of real food

Food enjoyment shouldn't be complicated

Sep 23, 2015

Canada’s Top Chefs Stampede into Calgary

Stampede has a way of bringing people together.

Jul 13, 2015

Guide to the perfect dad bod

The ultimate diet and exercise plan for the most sought-after bod this summer  

Jun 5, 2015

Introduction to food photography: The dinner table

Part two of a three-part introduction to food photography

Apr 28, 2015

Introduction to Food Photography: At the Restaurant

Take better photos of your food

Jan 27, 2015

A culinary walk-through of Hong Kong with Nicole Fung

A day of going cray with the expat of That Food Cray!!!

Dec 15, 2014

Photo by Liz West on Flickr.

6 ways to get sh*tfaced on pumpkin spice

Wasted, hammered, shitfaced -- call it whatever you want, but drunkenness can also be paired with pumpkin spice. 

Oct 8, 2014

SAIT culinary program in Calgary, AB. Photo courtesy of SAIT.

Sharpening the next generation of chefs

From the school of hard knocks to structured culinary programs, chef training has come a long way.

Sep 23, 2014