9 foods to add ketchup chips to for a Canadian twist

Perfectly awesome as a snack, ketchup chips can be used to add a touch of Canadiana to a range of dishes.

Ketchup Chips Canada

It’s undeniable that the potato chip could very well be the most beloved snack of all time. Who could imagine picnics or barbecues without these trusty sidekicks?

Growing up in Canada, we had what I thought were the basic, universal chip flavours: original, salt and vinegar, barbecue, sour cream and onion, all dressed and ketchup. So, imagine my utter shock and dismay when I learned that, for the most part, [gasp] I could only find ketchup chips in Canada. How did the rest of the world have full and happy childhoods without this fundamental, shockingly red, finger-staining variety?

So, let’s count our blessings and consider ourselves lucky to call these bright red chips our own. They provide a massively addictive combination of tang, saltiness, and sweet tomato-y quality.

But this patriotic snack need not be confined to a chip bowl.  It can also play a part in everything from appetizers to entrees.  That’s right, anywhere you might need extra crunch, salt, colour, or a burst of tomato, think ketchup chips.


Roughly crush the chips, mix some right into the meatloaf, and save the remainder for a little extra crunch on top.

Fish or chicken

Anywhere you might use bread crumbs or panko, you can use this tangier, pre-seasoned version.

Grilled cheese

Most of us dip grilled cheese in ketchup or tomato soup anyway, right? Place whole chips with whatever filling you would like between the bread slices prior to grilling.

Lobster roll

We know, we know: lobster rolls should never be messed with. But, if you’re feeling crazy, try adding crushed chips on top for extra texture and flavour.

Onion rings

Pulse the chips in your food processer to create a fine breading for the onions. To keep the vibrant red colour, bake, don't fry, the onion rings.

Mac 'n' cheese

Replace the bread crumb topping and use roughly crumbled chips for that crisp topping.  


For appetizers that are served over crostinis or crackers, swap them out for these mouth-puckering chips.


Adding potato chips to burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs is one of the most classic applications, so you really can’t go wrong, no matter which flavour you choose. Why change a good thing?

Baked or mashed potatoes

Potato on potato may seem redundant, but it sure is delicious. Add crumbled ketchup chips to a variety of potato dishes.