Canadian food DYK: Québec is producing the world’s first…tomato wine?

Is the world's most unique wine produced in Quebec?

Image for Canadian food DYK: The world's first tomato wine, Omerto, is produced in Quebec

The Charlevoix region is producing a surprising aperitif: the world’s first tomato wine, Omerto. Pascal Miche arrived in Québec from Belgium in 1998 and armed with an old family recipe passed down through four generations, he set out to fine-tune it using tomato varieties specifically adapted to the local Baie-Saint-Paul climate.


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The wine is named after Omer Miche, Miche’s great grandfather who created his first tomato wine in 1938. Production has increased from 20 bottles to more than 50,000 per year as popularity and awareness continue to rise.

 Cheers to vintage, French-Canadian tomato wine? Sure, why not?