One day in Oshawa: Singer song writer Cadence Grace from country girl group Runaway Angel

Cadence Grace recommendations on where to eat in and around Oshawa

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Like music, food brings all sorts of people together. This is something that country girl trio, Runaway Angel, know very well as they have had the opportunity to share their music with people from all over the world.

We talked to Cadence from the CCMA-nominated girl group about her passion for the best European eats in and around Oshawa. After coming home from touring in Europe, Cadence was determined to find all the European essentials at home: coffee, pizza, and wine. She does blame her bandmates for being bad influences, but these girls are just pizza loving angels. Cadence does keep true to her Canadian red and white, as her favourite thing to snack on while on tour is good ol’ Timmy’s potato wedges. So don’t be surprised if you run into her at a Tim Horton’s on your next outing. 

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My favourite breakfast place is a place in Courtice called Molly’s. I love that they have different selections for meat and bread. So, it’s really a build your own breakfast. So, I get one egg, turkey bacon, a side of grapefruit and I just love it. It’s always just the right amount of food, not massive portions, but if that is what you want, you can get it. It’s perfect for that Saturday or Sunday hangover breakfast, but it’s usually pretty busy, so you have to send the least hungover person to go wait in line. The food is really great, the service is really great, and it feels like a small-town greasy food breakfast.

We got so fed up from not being able to find a good cup of coffee after Europe that we bought an espresso machine. So before we go to breakfast at Molly’s, we have a cappuccino at home. Then we go and drink more coffee there. 




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This place in Pickering called Lamanna's is a really cool Italian bakery and pizzeria. They have amazing pizza. Literally, the slices are the size of your torso! I got an entire pizza there, and the box was so big that I couldn’t get it in my car. It’s crazy! It’s good Italian European style thin crust that is crunchy and a little chewy in the middle. They have tons of crazy baked goods there. There are these things called cream horns, they put the same filling in as a cannoli and I’m addicted! 




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In Oshawa, this placed called Avanti--again with the Italian--it's amazing! They make all their food and sauces in-house from scratch. It’s the closest we found to real Italian food since we were in Europe. 




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I’m pretty into wine. I didn’t drink wine until about two years ago. There is this place in Oshawa, called  Cork and Bean. It’s a really cute place. You go up and order your food and drinks, then go and sit down and they bring it out. They always have cool live music. They have a lot of young people come in and play which is cool to see and hear. The vibe is super cool with its exposed brick, meat and cheese boards and it's just a great place to go and chill.