8 creative holiday cocktail recipes

Holiday cocktail ideas from talented Canadian bartenders

A big Christmas dinner doesn't have to just be about the turkey, all of its glorious side dishes and dessert. Start things off right at your dinner by serving your guests an interesting cocktail that they'll remember.

From a few unique, but approachable spins on a classic eggnog to a whisky-spiked Caesar, here are 7 recipes from different Canadian bartenders that are sure to impress.

Image for After the Harvest cocktail

After the Harvest cocktail

A modern and boozy take on the classic apple cider

Image for Canoe's Holiday Storm cocktail

Canoe's Holiday Storm cocktail

A festive version of the dark and stormy

Image for The Cascade Room's Candy Cane Fizz

The Cascade Room's Candy Cane Fizz

A candy cane cocktail for Christmas Eve

Image for L’Abattoir Slaughternog cocktail

L’Abattoir Slaughternog cocktail

A citrusy twist on the traditional eggnog

moneypenny cocktail

The Moneypenny cocktail

A take on eggnog your pals won't forget

Image for Wildebeest's Cashew on the Flip-side

Wildebeest's Cashew on the Flip-side

Flips are the new nog cocktails

Image for The Wintertime Caesar

The Wintertime Caesar

A Caesar to sip on Christmas Day