Montreal, now more sinful than ever

Bar Brutus is all bacon, all the time.

Bacon bowl for Caesar salad. Photo by Bar Brutus on Instagram.
Bacon bowl for Caesar salad. Photo by Bar Brutus on Instagram.

If there were any more reason to love Montreal, it would be this: Bar Brutus, an upcoming restaurant that serves predominantly, bacon.

Garnering much attention (it’s already made the rounds on Buzzfeed), the new pig paradise – bacon strip barber poles included -- is slated to open as soon as it gets its liquor license, and salivating customers are just about ready to plow through the doors, forks in hand.

Owner, Anthoni Jodoin, who brought Montrealers Nacho Libre, recognizes an opportunity when he sees one – everyone loves bacon (except for vegans). And the city? Well, the city loves food.

Gluttonous over-indulgence is no stranger to the wonderful food city of Montreal. With La Banquise, customers have well over 28 decadent poutines to choose from at all hours of the day and night. The toppings range from classic cheese curd and sauce to balls to the wall insane combinations, like the T-Rex, a hot-dog loaded concoction; or The Reggae that gladly clogs your arteries with shredded steak, guacamole, diced tomatoes, hot peppers, piping hot gravy and semi-melted cheese curds.

The same love for excess can be seen at one of Montreal’s most famous restaurants (which made it on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and No Reservations). Au Pied Cochon, not only revolutionized foie gras, it added lobster to it.

Surely, there are more examples. Montrealers will be quick to tip you off on all the great eats around town. But the truth is, Montreal is finally coming into its culinary prime. First, the quasi-legalization of food trucks;then,Le Burger Week and La Poutine Week; and now? A bacon restaurant.

With mouthwatering items like The Hot Pig (all pork sausage), Caesar salads served in bacon bowls, and a real pretty bacon rose paired with Bloody Caesar at Bar Brutus, customers will have no reason to order the KD mac n’ cheese or the Red Bull-flavored chicken wings – but they will. They will order all these things, and when the server comes around asking if they’d like to see the dessert menu, they’ll already know to order the bacon caramel doughnuts. Montrealers, proud gluttons.

Bar Brutus’ Instagram feed,it's yours to drool over.

Bar Brutus

1290 Beaubien Est

Montreal, Quebec H2S 1T9