4 Canadian-made hard teas to try this summer

Crack one of this tea-based RTDs

Though sugar-ridden hard tea options like Twisted Tea and American Vintage have been around for some time, there have been many other unique–and lower sugar content–options popping up on the RTD market in the past year or two. Typically made with all-natural teas and natural ingredients, this new generation of hard tea is worth exploring...especially on a hot summer's day.

From a brand new line of tea-based canned cocktails being produced in Alberta to an organic-minded product coming out of Ontario, here are four different types of Canadian-made hard teas to sip on this summer.

Freed Earth Hard Tea

With a base spirit of triple-distilled vodka and three flavours (Green tea and honey, black tea and lemon, white tea and raspberry) and just three grams of sugar per drink, these legitimately refreshing hard teas weigh in at a respectable 100 calories per can. Freed Earth Hard Tea's white tea and raspberry is a stand out in the bunch and tastes extra delicious over ice with some fresh basil.

Though there isn't any in-depth information on how its tea leaves are "sustainably sourced", Freed Earth Hard Tea also leans into the environmentally responsible angle with their libations' cans and packaging.

Little Buddha Cocktail Co.

Ontario-based RTD producer Little Buddha Cocktail Company first came onto the market last year with a grilled pineapple and rosemary vodka-based cocktail. This year, they launched an organic and natural peach-flavoured hard tea that has zero grams of sugar and just 90 calories.

For those who prefer their iced tea sans-sweetener, then this Little Buddha Cocktail Co. beverage is the one for you.

Social Lite Spiked Iced Tea

When looking at the timeline of low-calorie RTDs, Social Lite has been ahead of the curve not once, but twice. It was the first company to launch a vodka soda canned cocktail years ago and their spiked iced teas have also been around for a couple years.

At 3.8%, the Social Lite Spiked Iced Tea has a lower alcohol content than others on the market, so if you want something that is more session-able, then these are an ideal choice.

White Peaks Hard Steeped Tea

Produced in Calgary, White Peaks Hard Steeped Tea is the newest hard tea maker to hit the Canadian RTD market. While other companies rely on tea extracts, these drinks are made with actual steeped (or cold-brewed) black and white tea that are then amped up by some creative flavourings.

Available in 355 mL cans in a mixed 12 pack, White Peaks Hard Steeped Tea's sugar content ranges from five grams (wild saskatoon, blueberry and black tea) to seven grams (peach, apricot and white tea) and 9 grams (cold brew tea and lemonade, meyer lemon and black tea) with a 5% alcohol content across the board.