Calgary bars announce permanent closures due to lack of governmental support during pandemic

One of Calgary's favourite watering holes will not be reopening following the COVID-19 crisis.

It's no surprise that it is extremely tough-going for any type of restaurant or bar these days with the social distancing restrictions in place across Canada. As the pandemic stretches on and only minimal relief from different levels of government have been announced, food and beverage business owners are either watching the light at the end of the tunnel get dimmer or, simply, not seeing one at all.

This afternoon, Oak Tree Tavern and it's lower-level sister concept Oak Tree Lounge announced that they would be closing permanently, citing the current pandemic and lack of support from the Canadian government.

"It is a sad day," says Connor.

With business owners still not seeing much support in terms of fixed operating costs such as rent—though rent relief is in the process of being announced with more details—business tax, payroll, GST, et al. it does not make hoping to continue to operate vise. Just yesterday, a neighbouring pub to Connor's, Midtown, also announced they would not be reopening for similar reasons.

If more government support does not come quickly, I suspect we will be hearing of more and more businesses not returning to regular operations post-pandemic.