Daily bite: Google releases list of most searched recipes and diets by Canadians in 2019

Don't know how to cook an eye round steak?

Not sure what caulilini is?

Who are you going to call? Well, nobody; you are going straight to Google.

Yesterday, Google Canada released its lists of "top trending" Canadians, news stories and, of course plenty of food-related terms too. A communications representative for Google Canada explains that the web giant analyzed trillions of searches performed globally throughout the year to come up with Year in Search 2019.

Pulled from its search report, here are the two main food categories, "diets" and "recipes" and the top ten searches in each. The number one diet is no surprise, but which millions of you have been googling "beef stroganoff" so aggresively?

Top Trending Diets

  1. Plant-based diet
  2. Intermittent fasting diet
  3. Keto diet
  4. Carnivore diet
  5. Fasting diet
  6. Sirtfood diet
  7. Ayurvedic diet
  8. Lectin-free diet
  9. Low residue diet
  10. Celery juice diet

Top Trending Recipes

  1. Beef stroganoff
  2. Brussel sprouts (one must wonder if this was also spelt wrong when searching..."brussels")
  3. Coleslaw
  4. Banana bread 
  5. Lasagna
  6. Guacamole
  7. Fried rice
  8. Gnocchi
  9. Turkey breast
  10. Beef stew