Daily bite: Liquidity Wines launches new vineyard-to-door wine tasting club

Liquidity Wines' new Equity Wine Club is the first of its kind in Canada

Image for Daily bite: Liquidity Wines launches new vineyard-to-door wine tasting club

Any good quality liquor shop these days is staffed with at least one wine expert, if not more, and they're generally sommeliers to boot. At shops like these, it's not uncommon for you to be able to try a sip of this vintage or that region (within reason, of course), before deciding on a bottle to take home. So, what happens if you love Okanagan-produced wines (like so many folks do) but don't have the ability to visit a winery in the valley any time soon? Of course, there are plenty of wine clubs one can join where a winery will happily ship pre-selected bottles straight to your door, regardless of what province you live in.

Like many of its Okanagan neighbours, the popular Liquidity Wines (located halfway between Penticton and Osoyoos) offers a wine club too. Recognizing that people who may have had their wines before might not have regular access to new releases and whatnot, they've decided to offer a complementary wine tasting club to go along with their standard offering. When a person signs up for the Equity Tasting Club, they will receive two shipments a year comprised of three 200 mL mini bottles of Liquidity Wines. After sipping and selecting some favourites, you can then decide whether or not to add any of the vintages to your 18-bottle annual club commitment.

It's an interesting concept and a first in Canada, giving people the chance to try new vintages from the winery without leaving their own home. Now, how can I buy some clothes off of Amazon and know with 100 per cent certainity that they are going to look good on me?