Daily bite: winery partner wanted at TH Wines

So, you want to own a winery, huh?

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If you’ve always wanted to be a winery owner (or part owner) and if you have an extra bag of loose change to spare; if you’ve got some gnarly ideas— and a proven track record of ideas that worked—and if you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, Tyler Harlton wants to talk to you.

As small a production TH Wines is by industry standards, Harlton’s “made by hand” wines have made a big impact on consumers, his production steadily increasing from 500 to 2,000 cases since the inaugural 2011 vintage. And, while many like to label his wines as natural, he doesn’t get too wrapped up in labelling, saying that at TH Wines, his mandate is simply to make pure expressions of the vintage by minimizing intervention.

“The idea behind the winery is to take the work of a farmer and the land, and capture it in a bottle.”

Tyler Harlton is now at the stage in his business where taking on a partner would be a step in a direction not necessarily to increase production, but to grab hold the opportunity to work with someone who brings creativity while still aligning with the by-hand approach to winemaking, or, in the words of this Saskatchewan farm boy-turned-hockey player-turned-lawyer-turned-winemaker, “to allow me to do a better job of what I’m already doing.”

If you think you’ve got what TH Wines is looking for, apply via email to info@thwines.com.

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