Developer uses ChatGPT and Midjourney to create "world's worst restaurant"

A hilarious look at how AI can be used for menu development

LA-based developer Dan Leveille uses AI to bring an imaginative menu to life. Photos via Facebook.

With millions of folks opting to try out the AI art generator Midjourney in recent months and companies around the globe utilizing ChatGPT by OpenAI to generate anything from coding to customer service responses, scripts and so much more, it's no surprise that both can be applied to the food world.

As of late, you may have seen some hilarious AI-generated movie scripts popping up on your social media feeds. In a similar vein, LA-based developer Dan Leveille decided to task ChatGPT with creating the "world's worst restaurant" and Midjourney to illustrate its chef ("ChefGPT") and menu options.

The results are more than entertaining and include dishes like mouldy bread and mac and cheese smoothies, a wagyu beef martini, an "Octopi-Jello Surprise" (I mean, Jell-O is making a comeback, after all), and much more. Food waste is also front-of-mind for ChatGPT with its "Trash Can Temptation" option that is meant for the "eco-conscious foodie".

Aside from the oddities, the AI conjured up a jar of pickled cheese, which actually isn't strange at all, considering that brined cheeses are widely available worldwide and a common offering in the Czech Republic is pickled camembert.

See some of the humorous menu highlights below, complete with tips on how to enjoy them, but for the full AI-generated meal deal by ChatGPT and Midjourney, head to Leveille's Facebook page or Instagram post.

Mac and Cheese Smoothie

Octopi-Jello Surprise


Marble-Popcorn Bowl

Trash Can Temptation