Eat This Now: Zwick's Pretzels hard pretzel snacks

Edmonton's popular pretzel maker now has packaged snack foods

If you've ever enjoyed a freshly-based pretzel or a comforting sandwich from Edmonton's Zwick's Pretzels, you'll probably agree that they've got some of the best pretzels, well, ever. In fall 2021, the business expanded beyond their soft, doughy creations and launched the hard pretzel snack product Zwicksticks.

Currently available at their bake shop as well as Uproot Food Collective, Good Goods Co. and Public Food Hub, Zwicksticks come in two flavours: Cheddar and Everything. While both of the pretzel stick variations are appropriately salty and crunchy, the Everything variety is especially delicious.

Zwick's says it hopes to roll out the product in larger grocers like Italian Centre Shop and Freson Bros. in the coming months.