One day in Toronto: The Caesar Guy Clint Pattemore

The Mott's Clamato spokesman certainly knows where the good drinks (and food) are

Clint Pattemore Mott's Clamato

It's no secret that this gentleman loves a quality Caesar. Since beating out a ton of other individuals in 2012 to become the official Mott's Clamato spokesman (formal title: Caesar Mixing Officer [CMO] and Brand Ambassador), Clint Pattemore has travelled near and far, sharing recipes, mixing drinks and tasting his way through most of the gourmet tomato-based cocktail that we Saturday morning hungover folks can find across the country.

A mixologist by trade, the CMO definitely understands what it takes to make a delicious drink, whether or not it includes Clamato. As much as he wishes he was able to stick to a diet of well-crafted Caesars (any Canadian's dream, really) morning to night, Pattemore finds sustenance in these great eateries in Toronto. Follow him around for some happy eating in the big city.

Three cheers for the mighty Caesar!


The Starving Artist is my weekend local spot. This is where potato waffles reign supreme!

On the east side, Bonjour Brioche is my go-to for pastries and French fare, while Aunties and Uncles in Little Italy is easy on the pocket book and just right on the grease.


Soups and sandwiches are my midday meal of choice.

The veal at California Sandwiches is not really a secret anymore, as they are all over the city now and definitely worth every penny. And if you can beat the lineup, Ravi Soups is sure to fill and please any lunchtime craving, too. And, in my old neighbourhood, Mystic Muffin is weird and wonderful.


"Sharing is caring" is my motto and anytime I do family-style dining, it's full of laughter and a full belly.

Give me Barque Smokehouse for delicious home cooked BBQ. And although these are not known for sharing, I head to Rock Lobster for seafood, A-OK for Japanese or THR & Co. for a casually refined meal; the plates can’t help but be passed around!


Like some follow chefs, I follow cocktail bartenders as they move around the city. Robin Kaufman of Toronto Temperance Society is always on top of his game and you can feel safe in letting him create for you. Mike Webster now resides at Bar Isabel, and is always willing to whip up some of his award winning cocktails. Monday nights at URSA with Robin Goodfellow is always a treat, as he usually invites guest bartenders from all over the city to jump behind the wood with him for unique and sometimes, one-off cocktails.