4 Ways to participate in Food Day Canada 2021 on July 31

How to celebrate Canadian cuisine on Food Day Canada

Pluvio chef Warren Barr was the inaugural recipient of FDC's North Star Award for culinary excellence

Although we firmly believe that celebrating Canadian cuisine is a year-round endeavour, taking a step back once a year for Food Day Canada to appreciate the country’s bountiful harvest and the farmers, producers, chefs, and artisans who bring it to life serves as an annual reminder of how privileged we are to call Canada home. 

And while each of the previous Food Day Canada celebrations have been meaningful in many ways, celebrating this year’s Food Day Canada is of particular importance to us because for the first time since its inception in 2003, we will sadly be celebrating without its beloved founder, Canadian food icon Anita Stewart.

From preparing dinner for family, friends, and loved ones or leaving the cooking the capable hands of a culinary professional, here are some different ways you can celebrate Food Day Canada 2021 on Saturday, July 31.

Cook a dinner with local ingredients

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Food Day Canada this weekend is to cook a dinner for friends, family and loved ones using locally-grown ingredients. From coast-to-coast, Canada is home to an array of farmers’ markets that are bursting with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are sure to take your home cooking game to the next level. 

From the Fireweed Community Market in Whitehorse to Saskatoon Farmers’ Market and The Forks Farmers’ Market in the Prairies, to St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market in Ontario and Hubbards Farmers’ Market in Nova Scotia, Canadian farmers’ markets allow us to connect with the people who work hard to produce the country’s bountiful harvest.

Dine out at a restaurant that showcases locally grown ingredients


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If you’d prefer to leave your Food Day Canada celebrations to the professionals, dining at a local restaurant that routinely places an emphasis on sourcing ingredients from local producers is one of the best ways you can show your love for local cuisine. 

Food Day Canada veterans like Pluvio Restaurant and Rooms in B.C., River Cafe in Alberta, Harvest Eatery in Saskatchewan, Ruffino’s in Ontario, Les Jardins Sauvages in Quebec, Scoff Restaurant in Newfoundland, and many more are fantastic Food Day Canada destinations to celebrate Canadian cuisine in all its glory.

Sip on Canadian-made beer, wine or spirits

Whether you’re planning on dining out or staying in this long weekend, purchasing Canadian-made beer, spirits, or wine is a great way to celebrate Canada’s incredible beverage community. 

From award-winning breweries like Calgary’s Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. and Moncton’s Tire Shack Brewing Co. to renowned wineries like the Okanagan’s Mission Hill Family Estate and Inniskillin and Niagara’s Château des Charmes and Reif Estate, to spirit producers like Vancouver’s Sheringham Distillery and Saskatoon’s Black Fox Farm and Distillery, there is no shortage of delicious Canadian-made libations to sip on this weekend.

Build an all-Canadian charcuterie board

When catering to a variety of tastes and preferences, one of the most versatile culinary offerings you can put together is a charcuterie board. Thankfully, Canada is home to some of the best butcheries, bakeries, and cheesemakers the world has to offer. 

After you assemble accompaniments like preserves, pickles, and fruits from your local farmers’ market, fill your charcuterie board with cured meats from butcheries like Vancouver’s Two Rivers Specialty Meats or Halifax’s Ratinaud, artisanal cheeses from cheesemakers like Toronto’s Cheese Boutique, and breads from bakeries like Blackbird Bakery in Whitehorse and The Night Oven in Saskatoon.